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Do you have an idea that can improve Education for children in Ghana?

Submission for the 2014 *new* Game Changers competition is Closed.  

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The Game Changers selection criteria

The initiative we are looking for must:

  • Be addressing Education in Ghana.
  • Be innovative, creative, and fresh.
  • Be early-stage or ready to grow.
  • Be something doable, clear and focused.
  • Reach for great social impact, being able to improve the lives of children (up to 18 years).
  • Have potential to be system changing. The vision shall reach beyond changes in individual lives, towards long-term changes to Education
  • Be scalable. The idea must have the potential for a sustainable scale up in order to reach many children even after the support period.
  • Reach for sustainable finance. The idea must have the capability to develop a sustainable business model and a long-term financing plan.

The person we are looking for must have:

  • Entrepreneurial skill, such as being result-driven, goal oriented, pragmatic, and flexible.
  • Leadership skills; being able to inspire others and get other people involved.
  • A strong passion for social change to transform the world for children and a burning desire to make a other words you must have the Game Changing factor,


August: The Challenge! The Game Changers Challenge has ended! The public has voted and we have a winner! Visit for more information.

Game Changers competition selection criteria

Initiative has to be:

  • Addressing Education for children in Ghana
  • Innovative
  • Early-stage
  • Improve lives of children
  • System-changing
  • Scalable
  • Having a sustainable financing plan

Individual has to have:

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Passion for social change
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